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Kenpo Karate is a rather unique style of self defense due to the fact that there are so many incredible self defense techniques in which a student can choose from. In Kenpo Karate we specialize in self defense techniques. We in Kenpo like to think of ourselves as the "masters of motion." We teach our students the art of self defense through the science of body mechanics.

Every time that you move your hand, turn your head, pivot your foot, or move a finger or toe there is a reason for it. I have heard people say that they could never learn to fight, and that it is just not in them. This is incorrect thinking. The truth of the matter is that if you can think - you can learn to fight and/or defend yourself.

The Kenpo system teaches hundreds of self-defense techniques against single or multiple attackers, armed or not. In a methodical and progressive course of study, the students learn to utilize all parts of the body in defense and practice all techniques on both the left and right sides (a valuable tool in case of injury). Since the system in so diverse, everyone can find and utilize those techniques that are most effective for their skills and abilities.

Orned "Chicken" Gabriel

instructor, self defense trainer and founder of the United Karate Federation. Former World renowned Karate Champion (Full, Semi contact and Forms), known for his blistering fast sticking and kicking ability, it brought much destruction to all who competed against him in the 70s and 80s. Chicken Gabriel is a Hall of Famer, known in the "Who’s Who" in the Martial Arts.

Trainer of many World, National and Regional Karate Champion Fighters, like Big "T" Turnage, Ray Leal, Steve "Nasty" Anderson, Victor "the Fly" Hervias, Pete Salas, etc... Chickens most famous student was the former 11 time World Champion, Steve “Nasty” Anderson; in fact, Nasty earned his Black Belt from Chicken Gabriel.

Chicken was one of Dick Willett's first and most successful black belts. Along with trophies too numerous to count for kumite and forms, he was on the American team that competed in Tokyo at the "Asian Championships" in 1978. He was the first American to win at this event of the previous 39 entries. His knockout of his opponent brought the Asian title to America.

chicken gabriel

chicken gabriel

chicken gabriel

The soft flowing hands of Master Chicken Gabriel are not unlike the brush stroke of the calligrapher, the movement of the sword, or the strike of the Kenpo master. Each is an art, and each teaches the student a different perspective. However, the student must first know his own art, and the student must distinguish what was art at the time of old, from that which is called art today. He must understand not only the techniques for attack and defense, but he must practice them and become skilled in every facet of Kenpo..

The Way of Kenpo is that state where the mind/spirit and body are united as a single element,which we call the Spirit of Kenpo.

The student cannot know Kenpo if his teacher does not know Kenpo, or is inept. Nor can one know a few Kenpo techniques and really know Kenpo. This can best be seen in the Chinese Kung Fu styles. Each style was developed to defeat the master of another style. But in order to do this, the master of the style, the one who created it, first had to know the style he wanted to defeat. It is axiomatic that the best swordsman in all of France never feared the second best swordsman, because he knew everything the latter knew. No, what he feared was the swordsman he did not know, the one who had not trained in the schools in which he trained.

United Karate Federation (UKF)

Founder Orned “Chicken” Gabriel / Co – Founders Curtis Brown, Jr. and Reynaldo Real

Black Belt Lineage

1) John “Big T” Turnage

2) Marion “Bee Bee” Franklin

3) Alvin Ray Davis

4) Robert “Foots” Sumler

5) Ron “Jamaican” Powell

6) Victor “The Fly” Hervias

7) Steve “Nasty” Anderson

8) Carlita Bautista

9) Lucky Mullens

10) Herb Patus

11) Bob Matthews

12) George Walker

13) Peter “Sweet Pete” Salas

14) Micheal Jones

15) Jack Shamburger

16) Franklin “Geronimo” Velasquez

17) Micheal “Waterfall” Pullum

18) Rev. Charles Glenn

19) Victor “Leggs” Johnson

20) Al Hernandez

21) Greg Forte

22) Marcus “Head Hunter” Hawkins

23) Phillip Caldwell

24) Kenneth Magnum

25) Jerome Magnum

Honorary Black Belts

1. Rev. John Warren

2. Bishop George Dallas McKinney

3. Ron Johnson

If you are not list and should be please charge it to "my head and not my heart".

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Why Kenpo Karate ?

No one really knows where or how the many different martial arts styles originated. As with anything however, we can surmise that those methods of self-defense that proved effective were formalized and passed down through the generations.

As conditions changed, people adapted and innovated to meet the new challenges. So have the Martial Arts changed and adapted throughout the years. What we do know is that the martial arts moved across the face of the earth as people traveled and exchanged cultures, from Egypt to India, to China and eventually to the western world.

I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called, With all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love; Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Ephesians 4:1-3

Although there are many, many styles they basically fall into 2 categories. Hard style (Korean and Japanese) and soft style (Aikido). Kenpo, from the ancient Chinese "Fist-Law" however, is a hybrid combining many soft and hard styles into one system. Upon close examination, a student will see elements of hard style Karate, Judo, Aikido, and many different Chinese styles.

"He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city."

Is the study of martial art compatible with the Holy Scriptures? There are many who think not, some even believe that you should not fight back for any reason and that God will provide for all of your needs including defense. Should a Christian fight back?